‘De’- bloat..

‘De’- bloat..

Do you often find yourself bloated after snacking between meals? It could be MMC interruption.

Let me tell you what this means. Imagine this – You had the most amazing meal and after a while, when the food has spent enough time in the stomach (to be digested) it is time to move ahead. The migration from small intestine to the colon begins. And is suddenly halted. Why? Well, you ate a snack and there is more food is on its way. Hence digestion needs to get back to business and till then MMC will need to wait.

Migrating motor complex (MMC) serves the role of a housekeeper – comes in after the feast is over and sweeps the digested food and residuals out of the small intestine into the colon to clean and restore the environment. When this is not done at the right time, the undigested food and bacteria is ‘backed-up’ in the small intestine for long – leading to fermentation.

This is done through a series of elective signals during the fasting stage between meals. This process can take up to 3-4 hours. Interruption leads to bloating, to say the least.

Quick fix-

Aim for 3.5 hrs gap between meal

Eat 3 meals( satiating)

Avoid snacking – Try a cup of herbal tea instead (peppermint)

Get distracted and go for a walk if snacking pangs strike

Stay hydrated- dehydration also causes tricks body into thinking we are hungry.

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