“Healthy treats” – Are you over-indulging?

“Healthy treats” – Are you over-indulging?

“Healthy treats” – Are you over-indulging?

Past few years have been far from easy – unprecedented and socially less engaging.

To fill the void and beat stress, most of us resorted to sugar-filled treats and indulgences. Even the supermarket shelves seems to be filled with bright and beautiful processed food packages, keto/sugar-free treats or even no-added-sugar baked goodies .

As life begins to inch towards normalcy and most of you begin your holistic / clean eating journey, the first step has to be omitting sugar. It’s the key to building a strong foundation.

However, I do believe in moderation. But what is moderation?

Eating a keto-friendly cookie after every nutritious meal?

These treats have a way to affect our brain chemistry ( dopamine centre)the same way as normal white sugar does. As the popularity of these snacks, treats continue to grow, so does the availability of snacks and desserts that use flour and sugar substitutes to reduce their net carb count.

So if you think you have eaten a healthy treat as a snack or even after a meal – remember it will just leave you wanting more of it and keep your sweet tooth alive .

These sweeteners (how much ever clean) can fill voids of our cravings on a regular basis but their daily consumption prevents our progress, as they are high in calories (empty most of the times) and sweet enough to make you want to eat more. Just cutting down on the extra sugar accelerates your Weight loss and keeps you from slipping into so called “ healthy treat” vicious cycle.

I suggest schedule your treat meal in advance – eat that cake ( the one that is the real deal )and devour it. But get back on track after that ! On most of the days get your sugar from natural sources like sweet potatoes, berries , apples etc.

Schedule your treat meals and stay on track!

Stay healthy,


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