You’re feeling sluggish, lacking motivation and you’re fed up with trying diets that lead you back to square one.

You want to lose some weight, feel more energised, and be happier in your own skin.

Join me for a one-to-one consultation or wellness plan where I will help you make small changes with a big impact.

I can help you shift from being a sugar burner (constantly dependent on food) to a fat burner (creating structure and introducing meal timings). With super simple, sustainable lifestyle changes I can help you achieve weight/fat/inch loss.

Work with me and your health will be transformed.

My decade of experience and teaching means I can curate a scientifically-backed plan based on your individual needs and level of fitness.

My mission is to help you

Achieve weight loss using Intermittent Fasting
Create structured meal plans
To become a fat burner and not a sugar burner (snacking all day)
Implement easy exercise routines
Work in harmony with your hormonal cycle
Prioritise nutrient dense foods that fill you up for longer
Feel balanced energy
Take control of your mental and physical health

I offer a variety of services that are tailored to your needs and fit around your life, helping you live better and stay healthy.