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Sustainability is the key! Easy and Effortless is my Mantra! Lead a happy and fulfilling Life! Let me show you how..

You’ve been so busy juggling home and work life, that you’ve forgotten to prioritise your health. 


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My health journey began back in 2009 when I was overweight, sluggish and was trying to control my health and nutrition in an uneducated manner. Determined to find a solution and make it work for my lifestyle, I found myself taking a keener interest in yoga, running as well as what I ate and how it reacted with my body. I found balance and peace through yoga, running and nutritional adjustments that worked holistically, left me energetic and stronger. I pursued my goal of teaching Yoga and learning about nutrition in a way that caters to the needs of every individual. I found my calling in nutrition and holistic wellness therapy.

It’s been over a decade helping individuals attain balance in their bodies and minds by teaching yoga and providing health coaching tailored to their needs. I specialise in Pre- natal, Postnatal yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Meditation with focus on Chakras and using yoga as the foundational therapy.

My aim is to educate my clients, especially women about their bio-individuality. Fitness and nutritional needs are not universal and neither do they have to be unrealistic and unattainable for normal people. I design yoga and nutrition plans only after deeply understanding an individual’s phase of life, contextual situation and goals.

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Your dose of bite -sized practical tips to health, wellness and positive vibes. This podcast is all about keeping your life simple through making small changes to your daily habits. Bringing to you my own experiences for maintaining "optimum health".

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