I remember a few years into my personal journey of training and wellness, after I hit the plateau, I realised there was a missing component. So often the drive and desire were overruled by a ton of emotion.

I was trapped in the vicious cycle of self-doubt topped with restrictive eating, yoyo diets, and other weight loss fads. It was a rollercoaster ride but nothing in life is linear.

With time I figured out the missing piece of my pie by a mindset change, a critical component in changing my health.

A growth mindset experiment – there is no one magic pill.

All our behaviour and actions stem from our emotions. We need to reprogram our mind – by being fully aware of our past failures and routines that did not lead to sustainability; by focusing on the present and the desire to achieve; by repeating the positivity of the situation by celebrating small wins and non-scale victories.

The numbers may seem to hit a stagnation but changes are ongoing. Your clothes maybe fitting better, your skin could be glowing, your energy level could be boosted all day, and you may be having a more restful sleep. These are all a part of the wellness journey, with different results showing at different times.

I did it because I decided to take that first step with the right mindset. Begin by ending your all-or-nothing mindset.

This post is dedicated to all my teachers, clients, fellow yogis , my family and friends who have always supported me through the years. Happy Yoga Day to all!!

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