Balancing your hormones

Balancing your hormones

Balancing your hormones through Primary food:

Have you ever felt like you were following someone else’s schedule rather than your own natural rhythm?

You may be letting your kids, husband, partner, or even roommates in influence the flow of your day; it could also be a broader “prescribed rhythm” that you’re going with instead of listening to your body.

Here’s the truth: One rhythm does not work for everyone. Following someone else’s schedule more often than not has a negative effect on female hormones.

If you’re dealing with chronic fatigue, intense premenstrual syndrome (PMS), cystic acne, mild depression, or other “random” symptoms, going against your natural rhythm might be the issue.

By working to balance your hormones through primary food, you’ll naturally begin to live in harmony with your female body instead of dragging yourself along on someone else’s agenda. You’ll start feeling more energized and more vibrant.

Evaluating your mind set:

A lot of women feel like they need to keep up with other people. If you don’t feel like partying four nights a week after a ten-hour workday or exercising for two hours every single day, you might think there’s something wrong with you. You might even beat yourself up or feel ashamed and lazy.

Ignoring your body’s signals and writing them off as laziness is not productive or helpful – it actually drains your energy even more.

The female body is naturally incredibly fine-tuned. It is designed for deep relaxation and self-care at certain times of the month and productive work at other times of the month. So follow your own body’s signal- as each one of us is unique.

Here are some symptoms that commonly appear when you have been pushing your body rather than honoring it:

You’re exhausted. 

Your PMS is more intense than usual. 

You’re gaining weight around the middle of your body. 

You feel guilty, ashamed, and/or depressed – sometimes for no particular reason. 

Cystic acne is starting to appear, especially around the jawline and chin. 

Read on to learn how you can heal your body and bring it back to balance:

1. Empower yourself.
When symptoms pop up, it’s easy to feel like there might be a bigger or more complex issue going on or you’re broken and can’t heal.

The first step in healing is acknowledging that nothing is inherently wrong with you. You are whole exactly as you are. Embodying the mind-set that you are healthy now and you can become even healthier takes a huge weight off your shoulders and allows your body to naturally reach health.

2. Get real about rest.

Are you chronically exhausted, trying to push through the day? Maybe you’re actually tired.

Starting with weekends, let yourself sleep as long as you want. You might notice that you wake up naturally without an alarm clock during the week.

Some people will be rejuvenated after one long deep sleep, while others might need to take some serious time off to come back into balance.

Sleep is a requirement for good health. Listen to your body and sleep when you’re tired. Work on creating a positive sleep routine without gadgets and disturbances.

3. Balance your nervous system (slow down!!)

Most modern people spend the majority of their lives in the sympathetic nervous system state, aka the “ fight or flight zone. Example That feeling you get when you’re getting chased by a bear.

Your body doesn’t know the difference between those literal stressors and chronic stress related to work or difficult relationships. When your body is in this sympathetic state, it can’t repair.

When you are relaxed and calm, your body is in the parasympathetic state – referred to as the “rest and digest” system. This state is brought on by sleep, laughing, meditation, spending time with loved ones etc. Your body has to be in the parasympathetic state to heal and evolve. Breathing techniques / pranayama helps the body and mind to calm down and stimulates Parasympathetic state.

The more you can activate your parasympathetic nervous system by relaxing and having fun, the healthier you’ll be – physically and mentally.

4. Evaluate exercise.

It might surprise you, but sometimes the harder you work out, the more stress you actually put on your body. Depending on your constitution and condition, you may actually need gentle exercise, like yoga.

Certain forms of rigorous exercise trigger the stress response, so make sure you balance your hard-core workouts with practices that are easier on the body.

Gentle exercise might include yoga, meditation, or dance. You might discover that your body responds really well to these more gentle practices. Experiment for a few weeks and see how your body feels.

5. Embrace the power of community.

Community has a powerful influence on personal health, and developing a supportive tribe is crucial to balancing your hormones. Connect with like – minded people, invest in nurturing relationships , spend quality time with loved ones.

Hope these simple changes helps you in your journey of wellness ,holistic living and creating physical, mental and emotional balance.

To read about my work check out my website or email for any questions/queries.

Stay healthy,

Swati Singh

Registered yoga teacher

Certified Health coach

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