4 simple ways to rev up your metabolism

4 simple ways to rev up your metabolism

If you have dieted in the past using low calorie restrictive diets and want to restore your metabolism – these simple yet effective tips can rev up your metabolism not to mention will give you substantial physical and mental health benefits.

  1. Intermittent fasting – A simple , easy and free of cost tool – this is the most effective way to become metabolically flexible. How efficient is your body in using fast as fuel? When we are fasting – our body’s (liver) will produce ketones, which body uses when insulin levels are low ( from fasting). Fasting naturally helps our body to tap into our fat sources for fuel. It naturally helps to boost ketone production and accelerates fat burning. Fasting when coupled with low sugar and nutrient dense meals will double down the effects and rev up our metabolism. This does not mean you dive straight into a 16 hrs fast. Starting with just 12 hrs fast ( from dinner to breakfast 7pm to 7 am) will help you develop the fasting muscle. Start slow and then experiment with the fasting variations. Idea is to give the body some time to rest and digest from all the eating through the day.
  2. Increase muscle – While I would not downplay the effects of some cardiovascular exercise ( Me being a cardio queen myself)- I cannot emphasise more on how important strength and resistance training is to improve our metabolic health. Increased muscle mass can help increase metabolic rate and improves insulin sensitivity. The best exercises to achieve a lean body composition are – body weight training/ calisthenics, free weights , cross fit etc. Again experiment with different forms of exercise, exercise is to be enjoyed and not as punishment. Make it a part of your daily routine.
  3. Eat more protein – Well this is directly related to the point above. Low protein consumption leads to low muscle mass.  When we are engaging in strength training regularly, our protein intake at each meal should be higher to sustain our workouts and help in muscle growth. The biggest mistake I see amongst my clients is not eating enough protein. Protein is satiating and works magically well when the goal is to reduce body fat and reducing overall weight. Having good sources of plant and animal based protein at each meal ( atleast 1.2 grams per kg of ideal body weight) will be crucial for the overall metabolic health.
  4. Getting quality sleep – A solid 7-8 hours of sleep is the foundation of health and vitality. Poor quality sleep is directly related to weight gain around the belly. Even one night’s poor sleep can increase insulin resistance the very next day. When we are in a state of insulin resistance – this can shut off ketone production making it difficult for the body to use fat as fuel. A consistent and healthy sleep routine is paramount to our metabolic health.


I hope these simple yet effective tips will help you get back on your health and wellness  journey.

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