Happy WOMEN’s Day!! dedicated to my mom..

Happy WOMEN’s Day!! dedicated to my mom..

A very happy Women’s day to all you lovely ladies!

I wanted to dedicate this post to the most amazing , strong , loving woman in my life – my Mom!

A couple of years ago it was her health journey that motivated me to help so many more women – who have been going through chronic auto immune disease and have been feeling helpless and do not know where to begin.

I always talk about “age no bar” when embarking on a wellness journey. It is not just the food or just exercise or just deep breathing that gives us optimal health.
My mom was going through a lot of chronic ailments – hypothyroid, obesity , osteoporosis.

When one morning I got a call from her – she literally wailing on the other side because she couldn’t get off the bed because of severe knee pain.

At that point in time ( she was 60 years then) she had met innumerable doctors for her knee joint pain , her thyroid levels etc. I think she resorted to taking things in her own hand and not go through another set of medications or injections to calm her pain down.

I had always been wanting to help her out with her lifestyle and meal, but like I always say – you have to really want it to sustain it. And this time around, she ‘wanted’ it.

We started with her plan and these changes helped her lose 20 kg over a period of 1.5 years.

1. Completely eliminating refined sugar and carbs – which meant NO snacks, biscuits , sweets , artificial sweeteners . No snacking at all.

2. Created an eating window which was most efficient and sustainable for her .

3. Incorporated intermittent fasting – with no food from her dinner to morning breakfast

4. Slow transition into walking -This was a slow process we broke this down into 2 sets – 15 mins morning and 15 mins in the evening.

Here are a few things that happened:

1. She started to lose weight ( it was more than 30 years that she had carried around extra weight )

2. Her thyroid hormone started functioning better – she is almost weaning off her thyroid medication

3. She is full of energy and can easily do an hour long walks without any breaks

4. Her body , knee pain has completely gone away bringing down the inflammation. Her sleep has become better too.

Our bodies are a beautiful, intelligent machine – it can heal itself with love , nourishment. All things good – take time ! Be patient and take responsibility of your health!

My mom’s journey is still on – it takes years to pile up on all that weight ! How can you have it gone in 2-3 month? Enjoy the journey and make it your own;)

Stay healthy,


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