Calorie in – calorie out?

Calorie in – calorie out?

Up until 5 years ago I believed that regardless of what you eat, you will gain weight if it’s in excess of what you burn – all calories are created equal.

However, an NCBI research shows short-term calorie restriction is counteracted by mechanisms within the body, such as increased desire to eat and decreased BMR( metabolism).

In simple words you continue to eat less in order to beat your metabolism and break through a plateau. Does this sound familiar? Does this sound counter-intuitive?

Well, which is why the whole concept of eating until satiated and still losing weight comes to play.

This model called carbohydrate insulin model – talks about how the fat storing hormone insulin can have larger impact on weight loss or gain than calories alone.

Eating a carb and refined sugar rich diet has the highest spike on Insulin and creates insulin insensitivity- one of the main causes of weight gain and obesity.When we eat carb rich / processed food we derail our weight loss goals. The high amounts of insulin in your blood supply causes the ‘free fatty acids’ ( which are easily available when we are fasting/ not eating ) to be locked up in your fat cells.

Only when we allow our body’s to tap into fat burning – by giving it rest – we stimulate clean up of cells and allow the body to heal. Now you know after waking up in the morning you are not that hungry – because your body can efficiently use fat for fuel then .

So eat a nutrient dense meal with the right macros at the right time ! Stop counting calories and start nourishing your body! Also remember, not all calories are the same !

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