Let’s talk Hor-mones..

Let’s talk Hor-mones..

The human body is super intelligent and is always working towards creating balance and equilibrium.

For women, specifically, a balance of hormones is extremely essential.

However, chronic stress creates estrogen( sex hormone) domination within us, thus putting us in a fight or flight mode. In other words, the body is busy producing cortisol, which is the stress hormone to create balance. The food we eat, the environmental toxins, the detergents, makeup, soaps, bad sleep habits also create estrogen dominance. This has a downside – more cortisol means less progesterone (the chill/ calm hormones).

Progesterone is very important to keep us calm, grounded, in balance . To support the progesterone better here are a few tips which you could simply incorporate in your lifestyle and feel full of vitality.

1. Mindful Living – This allows and supports our hormone progesterone better. Eat to support your healthy menstrual cycle. The week before period add progesterone supporting food – like squash, sweet potatoes, beans, pumpkin seeds , eggs ( organic).

2. Manage Stress – Mental stress can cause exhaustion and burnout. Use self-care tools like meditation ( 5 mins), regular walks, massages, good sleep hygiene (a minimum of 7 hours sleep helps manage stress better).

3. Use Magnesium – Magnesium is relaxing and calming , however it is something we lack, specially when we are stressed. A lot of coffee consumption etc reduces this abundant mineral in the body. Taking a supplement in the evening will help create more calm and keep anxiety at bay.

4. Do not over stretch fasting the week before your periods – Eat nourishing meals . 13 to 14 hours of intermittent fasting is sufficient. The aim is to support the progesterone hormone the week before period .

Remember, the body is always working for us. Hence, creating an environment which helps thrive the hormones and not derails them from doing their job is our personal priority.

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