Keep your liver happy!!

Keep your liver happy!!

Keep your liver happy!!

The liver has a ton of roles in the body. It regulates your blood glucose levels,
breaks down fat for fuel, aids your immune system, processes and removes
toxins and assists in maintaining hormone balance, to name a few.
If your liver is loaded with toxins from alcohol, sugar, packaged foods etc., it
will definitely be unable to function efficiently. This will result in the body
showing a quite number of recognizable signs (mental fatigue, bloating, brain
fog, and hangovers among many others) that your liver needs a break.
Take a second and think of how you felt after a night of binge drinking?
Mentally clear? Energised? The answer 99% of the times is NO. There is only so
much wine and cocktails your liver can handle and process at a time.
So apart from spacing out these binge nights in your social calendar, here is
some advice I can give you to cope with such nights.

– Prioritise eating food (preferably food high in fibre or protein) before
your first drink of alcohol. This will slow down the absorption of alcohol
in your stomach and into bloodstream.

– Hydrate yourself with water after each glass of alcohol.

– Take a hangover relief supplement like After Hours to help your liver
process alcohol out of your system and ease you into a hangover-less

– Detox your liver and keep from drinking too often within a week. Your
liver can metabolise only little alcohol at a time.

– Exercise the next morning to help remove alcohol from your body.

These small changes can be adopted easily and mindfully to help you keep
your LIVER happy!

P.S. After Hours has done wonders for my liver when I drink alcohol. It
supports my liver’s health while I consume alcohol, relieves my hangover
symptoms and helps me feel better the morning after.
If you’d like to give it a try and take care of your liver when you drink alcohol,
you can use my code: SWATI15 to get 15% off.


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