3 simple ways to stop stress/emotional eating

3 simple ways to stop stress/emotional eating

Well, Summer holidays are almost over and most of us are back to our normal routine. Having myself spending last few weeks traveling, exploring new cuisines and bonding with my family. Todays blog I wanted to emphasise on how to avoid emotional eating post vacation or in general. Eating is a coping mechanism for many people during times of stress. Eating foods high in sugar specially when we are worked up( have you noticed it in your life?) has immediate calming effect. I often see people go down the slippery slope of getting back to old eating habits after vacation too. Simple advise from me – just start again, get back on track- Do not beat yourself up!

Well here are 3 simple ways to avoid emotional eating during stressful times or just getting back to eating and feeling better in general.

1. Out of sight, out of mind – Keep the junk food away and out of sight. Remember, all cravings pass – but if you have a piece of cake lying in your fridge at that spur of moment when you have the craving you will most likely indulge in it. So why keep it at home in the first place. right??Keeping refined sugar/processed foods will automatically stop you from seeking out for the junk . I know, at that moment you have the major urge to indulge you might be bummed for a few minutes, but will be thankful later when the intensity of the craving naturally fades.

2. Blockers – Some foods are satiating and help you from over indulging or mindlessly eating. Yes eating protein + fat + fibre rich meal is important but at these times( stressful) when you really are looking for comfort foods, I specifically find this trick to be useful. Keep a hot pot of tea next to your plate and drink it immediately after dinner. This makes for a great blocker, as the tea is hot, takes time to consume and gives the brain time to realise that you’re full . My favourite would be chamomile and mint tea . This one really works!

3. Ask your Why? – In simple words find your reason . How does chowing away a bag of chips make you feel? Does a big bowl of ice – cream make you feel miserable? For me it’s simple – I don’t have to be perfect around food all the time, but I also don’t want to lose ground. There has to be a reason not to turn to food as a coping mechanism. Having gone through this myself in my early 20’s when food( junk) was a coping mechanism for me too. It did take me a lot of discipline to get to where I am comfortable and happy now. Find your reason, NOW.

I hope these practical tips help you to overcome your emotional eating patterns and helps you with mind – body connection. These are just a simple few ways to be aware of your food habits around stressful situations or just getting back on track with mindful food habits in general.

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