Your best “Diet”..

Your best “Diet”..

There is no such thing as one “best diet” that works for everyone.

Instead, there is “your best diet”. A diet which fits your current phase of life and  lifestyle effortlessly is your best diet and which necessarily does not even need to have a name. Often times we are so enmeshed in categorising our diets into capsules like – keto, OMAD, low carb, Paleo etc etc that we very much forget to even enjoy the journey to our destination.

I would simplify this one step further by saying that your best diet is that which delivers all essential macro nutrients and make you feel amazing and great. Simply, reducing ultra processed foods from your diet will drastically improve your metabolic health and reduce inflammation in the body. Of course, with additional allergies – you adopt and fine tune your diet by going dairy , gluten free or just follow a low FODMAP diet. This all depends again on your current physical health. In its simplest form a diet which is nourishing and food that is real is all we need to enjoy a health-full life.


Here are a few additional guidelines which can help you create a plan which is Real and for your very best:

  • Be satisfied – Your day should be structured around full hearty meals that includes a generous serving of protein and even starch ( Real foods not the processed ones). This helps with satiety and giving the body what it needs to thrive.
  • Avoid snacking  – Unless your are fueling post a hard training  or a pro athlete or wanting to gain weight – there is NO reason to eat between meals. Snacking on ultra processed foods causes insulin resistance, creates inflammation and puts stress on the digestive system. Which takes me back to point 1- eat hearty meals instead.
  • Enjoy variety of foods and be flexible in your eating  – Until and unless you are sensitive to foods , enjoy a variety of  foods without fearing the occasional items – a cake on a special occasion or a glass of wine occasionally. One thing I would like to emphasise is that eating is NOT a stressful activity. If 85-90% of the time you are eating well, then occasional indulgences are a “treat”.
  • Hydrate – Hydration is key to keep the body supple. Hydration plays an important role for brain health and cognition too. Plain water as opposed to fruit juices or sugary drinks is your best bet.

Eating well and living well is not rocket science. Apply these basic guidelines if you wish to see an improvement in your overall ,fitness, mental clarity and health .


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