Time to Un-plug…

Time to Un-plug…

The value of unplugging.

I couldn’t be more grateful for 2022 – time spent with the family, connecting with friends , in between travels taken,  releasing an ebook , to successfully finishing up season 1 of my podcast. While i do find micro bits during the day to rest my mind and restore my body , I am a firm believer of unplugging and restoring.

One of the main reasons which contributes to metabolic syndrome is Burnout! Burnout is damaging to metabolic health. We all need downtime to replenish and rejuvenate both for professional  and personal growth. Specially when going on holidays and spending quality time with family. If we do not spend quality time with ourselves how do we spend with family and friends?

More often than not – we do not give mental downtime to ourselves even when on a holiday.


Here are a few things you could do to rest and restore during a vacation.

  • Unplug from screens for a few days when on a break – An out of office message will inform others that you are taking a break
  • Limit time on phone – scrolling through social media repeatedly, checking on texts or emails trigger dopamine centres- Yes it is an addiction! Keep the phone away for small periods of time to break the cycle.
  • Prioritise movement/ exercise .
  • Work on breathing exercises , even for 2 mins. I suggest do it first thing when you wake up to ground and calm you.
  • Do things that you were delaying for later – finishing that  book you had started , baking, taking that spin class??

Specially when on a holiday, make the most of the time to replenish your soul with love and nourishment. We owe it to ourselves!


Signing off , see you in the new year all recharged and rested!


Stay healthy and wishing you a happy new year’23!



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